Xenomorph Prime

what has happened

The crew on USS Nostromo had made it off of LV-426, or Acheron, but barely. The only crew left were SGT. Hix and SGT. Ripley. They had told NASA what they had discovered, and unwittingly, the UN sent even more ships and troops to explore Acheron and surrounding planets. But what they found on another planet was so much more disturbing than the incident on the USS Nostromo. The USS Nostromo only had one xeno, and it wiped out all but two of the members, only one xeno, now this planet, doesn't have just one, it's filled with them. Startled but ecstatic about the discovery, SGT. Hix had  told the UN that he would volunteer to be the general of the invasion force, since he had the most experience. The UN agreed, and Hix along with a large contingent of troops headed over to this planet, to wage war.



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